“Devil is in the Details!!!”

Michael C Thomas


Some may consider this ‘Preppy’ style, and others may say ‘Classic’ style! I just call it ‘Style’, and it’s immaculate. I just had to share this photo of my boy, my brother, Michael C Thomas Bespoke, a fantastic custom clothier from Memphis, TN.

Michael is always exquisitely dressed and is truly one of my personal fashion icons, and a real master of his craft. Those of you working to ‘up your style game’, should take a close look at this ensemble, and pay close attention to the details.

Men’s suiting was once described to me through this parallel with fine art:

“Look at your jacket as the frame…The shirt is your canvas…and you paint with your neck-wear and accessories! Michael C. Thomas, affectionately know as ‘The Black Lion’, has done this to perfection.” Check out his emerald-green, notched lapel blazer, with large patch-pockets and gold button details. Most importantly look at the proportion and fit. The high arm-holes and narrow sleeves accentuate his svelte build, allowing the jacket to hug him like a glove. The accents of the pale pink shirt, vibrant green neck tie, simple white-cotton pocket square, daisy boutonniere, leather banded watch, multiple layered wrist jewelry, and gold signet-ring, all help to paint a dashing picture.

To top it all off, Michael ‘kills it’, by completing this look daringly, with trousers made in ‘Madras plaid’. The devil truly is in the details guys and girls, right down to Michael’s perfectly dimpled necktie, and appropriately angled tie-clip (never to be worn perfectly horizontal!)

This brother knows what he is doing, but he should… As I said, he is a master of his craft.


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