The “Experience”

“Alan Michaels Design – Tailoring My Passion, Owning My Vision”

While traveling through China during the summer of 1996, I was introduced to the world of professionally tailored, custom clothing.  As my trip was ending in the beautiful city of Hong Kong, I ventured into a tailors shop in Kowloon, which is known for its tailors. I was immediately measured from head-to-toe, and allowed to make my fabric and style selections for a suit and several shirts I planned to have made.  I selected a two-buttoned, notched lapel, double-vented suit of mid-weight worsted wool.  I chose a beautiful suit lining of silk charmeuse.

 I was instructed to return the following day for my “initial fitting’, which I did, only to try on what appeared to be a fraction of a suit.  I reminded the tailor that I was returning to the States the following evening, and he told me to come back the next morning to pick up my completed, custom-made garment.  I returned the next morning with little faith that the garment would be completed, much less stylish or well fitting.  The tailor asked me to try on the trousers, which to my surprise fit perfectly.  He then slipped the suit jacket over my shoulders and my affinity for custom clothing was born!

The suit was beautiful, and more importantly, I felt handsome, debonair, and ‘powerful’ in it.  Upon returning to the States, it was time to put my custom suit to the test, and it’s debut at a packed, Sunday morning church service was my closest experience to an Academy Awards ‘red-carpet’ moment.  The midnight-black custom suit, crisp white French-cuffed shirt and sterling silver cufflinks, polished Bally lace-ups, platinum necktie, white pocket square, and my heightened confidence and sheer pride, literally stopped people in their tracks.

 I was showered with compliments of “Where did you get that suit?”  Where can I get that suit?” And for those versed in the world of custom clothing, the question was simply, “Who cut that suit for you?”  I must admit, I felt as if I was on top of the world, and at that moment, I began to think of how I could share the feelings I was experiencing with others.

I was born into a household and a family of very stylish people.  As a young man, I branded myself as someone who possessed an innate sense of classic style, and an understanding and appreciation for fashion.   My peers often sought my advice on fashion, as-well-as assistance with their personal wardrobes.  Today, as an experienced business executive, visual artist and designer, and experienced clothier, I am driven and passionate about creating a custom clothing brand, identified by timeless style, unparalleled quality, old-world craftsmanship with a modern sensibility, and unwavering customer service.

Though the foundation and seeds for this business were planted decades ago, Alan Michaels Design will officially launch in 2014, with the vision of building pride, confidence and impeccable style in our clients, as we build each client’s garments to exacting standards of excellence.

“Classic-Contemporary Custom Clothing” is truly the nature of our work.  A “Classic-Contemporary Custom Lifestyle” is our vision, for each of our clients…

Welcome to the world of Alan Michaels Design!


 Michael Alan Humphrey

Founder & CEO

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