Great Fabrics used for J. Crews Ludlow Suit!

A great custom suit is not driven solely by the cut of the suit and/or it’s style and proportion.  At the base of a great custom menswear garment, is the fabrication.  What material, what fabric is used to create something of pure beauty, that will fit the body like a second skin.  With a world of exquisite fabrics to choose from, why not enjoy the freedom of selecting the fabric that most excites you, and involve yourself in the design process of your own custom garment.

This video show some of the key persons from the fabric mill of Vitale Barberis Cononico, Biella, Italia, discussing the heritage, quality and pride of their fabrics, and the importance of quality in dressing.  They produce a line of fabrics for J. Crew , which are utilized in the construction of J. Crew’s Ludlow suits, as well as a wide range of other fabrics used by tailors around the world.

Enjoy watching Italian craftsmanship and lineage at work, while hearing the praise for great suiting fabric, and praise for dressing well.


Michael Alan

Alan Michaels Design

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