“Style is primarily a matter of instinct!” Bill Blass

Bill Blass was a heralded American fashion designer of both men’s and women’s wear, who graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York. He was a 7-time Coty Award winning designer, who was also honored by FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), with it’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

I have always loved his quote regarding ‘style’, but is that to say, either you have style instinctively/intuitively, or you don’t? I don’t think so, as I do believe that developing great style is something that can be taught, encouraged, and/or self-enhanced! I truly believe that either through classroom training, great mentors, self-education, learning from history, and practice, the ‘intuitiveness’ that accompanies great style, can be attained by those eager and open to learn. I am ALWAYS learning!

It is important to note above all, that style is relative, as it’s definition is not the same from one individual to the next, and that too should always be respected! Know the greats, learn from their iconic ways and design aesthetic, spend some time in a museum, read, take in a Broadway or Off-Broadway show, travel to experience different cultures, read some more, and develop and nurture your own stylistic genius and instinct!



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