“Now That’s Style: An Alan Michaels Design Experience”


The right suit can not only enhance one’s appearance, but can also boost one’s confidence and esteem, two essentials to going far in business and in life! If that suit is tailor-made, it will truly put you in a realm of dressing in a way that very few will ever achieve. I recently heard menswear designer, Tom Ford, say that, “Men should dress in their present, but for their future.” “Men should dress like they want their future to look.”

Alan Michaels Design is here to help you build your confidence, elevate your personal esteem, dress your character, develop your sense of style, and help each client to live a “Classic-Contemporary Custom Lifestyle”.

In your lifetime, you will certainly “Pay the cost – to be the boss”, and we are here to help you look the part.


Twitter: @alanmichaelsNY

One thought on ““Now That’s Style: An Alan Michaels Design Experience”

  1. I read the article you had shared on Facebook. I really am a clothes snob – even if I can’t afford my own taste. I believe in expressing yourself with your style. As you can see from my facebook picture, I understood accessories by the time I was three.
    I remember the first time I saw a man in an Armani suit. My dad had taken me to the National Press Club in DC for the first time, and the guy was in the lobby. I could look at the cut and the material, and I knew it was Armani. I soon realized that the man in the suit was a jerk, but the suit really spoke to me.
    I like classic lines and good materials. I don’t like a lot of foo-foo stuff. I hate the suits that Deon Sanders wears (I know I didn’t spell his name right). As soon as we could afford it, I got my husband a really good black suit with a nice cut (Italian in make). He has a closet full now, but he still lets me put together the shirts and ties I want him to wear when we go out. It’s important to me that he looks well put-together. He won’t wear hats – hats really do it for me. Or gloves or scarves. So I wear those myself.
    I appreciate a man that takes the time to put it together right. Your clothes can speak for you. I can’t stand looking at grown men with their pants hanging off their butts.

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